Increase the Speed, Reliability, and Value of Your Automation

Reduce the time your team spends examining automation failures, creating/managing defects and waiting for automated test results.

” Our testers no longer spend any time triaging the automated test runs… “

Results and Benefits observed in our latest beta can be found here

Flaky Test Solution

Appsurify identifies and analyzes reasons for specific test failures. If the test failure is considered flaky rather than a real defect, then the test result is excluded from the main test run and is reported in a separate category. This prevents unstable/flaky tests from breaking your build.

Automated Defects

When tests fail during your test run, a defect is automatically created.  Defects will also automatically be classified and prioritized.  Additionally, defects will be closed when the issue is resolved.

Artificial Intelligence to Prioritize Testing

Using a specialised algorithm and AI, we can predict the areas which are most likely to have defects.  We can also prioritize the order in which tests should be executed.

Manual and Automation Side By Side

See your manual tests and automated tests side by side.  Understand what is covered by automation and utilize this during your manual testing cycles.

History and Comparison

View the history of the tests and defects over the course of the project.  Compare tests and test runs to determine how the team and application is progressing.

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