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Supercharge Your Test Automation

Appsurify enhances your existing test automation with machine
learning to find more bugs in a fraction of the time, allowing you to
release faster with fewer defects.

Make Your Test Automation Smarter with Machine Learning

Appsurify’s advanced machine learning analyzes your software repository to find the code areas most likely to have defects and determine the targeted set of tests needed to cover each code commit.

Get Test Results in Seconds

Appsurify integrates with your CI/CD system and 
automatically runs targeted testing on each code commit to 
give developers results within seconds instead of hours.

Isolate Flaky Test Results

Appsurify automatically identifies and quarantines flaky failures, saving your test team time, preventing flaky tests from breaking your build, and reducing developer frustration.

Automate Test Analysis

Appsurify analyses the results of each test run and automatically organizes them by status. Multiple failures caused by the same underlying defect are grouped together.

Automate Defect Tracking

Appsurify automates the defect lifecycle by opening
defects from test failures, classifying and prioritizing
them, and closing them when fixed.

Save Money

Appsurify runs only the tests that you need,
reducing the cost of your cloud-based testing.

Make Your Testing
Smarter with Appsurify

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