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Learn how Appsurify can benefit your team. We help solve common challenges within software development such as: Slow development, missed deadlines, delayed releases, production bugs, unhappy users, high attrition, reduced test cycles, testing holding up releases and more.

Make Every Developer a 10x Developer and Turn Your Managers Into Superstars

Increased Output

Understand each members’ capacity and knowledge, as well as proficiency in various code areas and tasks to ensure the highest team efficiency.


Reduced Defects

Use defect history to determine when each developer is likely to create a defect.  Allocate tasks accordingly to reduce the number of defects created by the team in critical areas of the application.


Targeted Training

Use the analysis of each team member to create individualized training plans in order to ensure that each developer is improving on their weaknesses.

Improve Engagement of Your Team Whilst Increasing Productivity, Happiness and Reducing Attrition

No More Overtime

With the team outputting more and creating fewer defects projects run on time and no one needs to work weekends to meet release dates.

Enjoy Work

Team members are happier when their projects are on time and they are producing valuable work and improving their knowledge from training.


Better Support

Managers better understand the strengths and weaknesses of each team member and their progress.  Managers can also provide more individualized feedback.

Never Have Testing Hold Up Your Release By Turning Your Testers Into Bug Hunting Machines


Faster Test Runs

Analyze the riskiness of each change and prioritize your testing as a result.  Reduce both your manual and automated test run times by only running valuable tests.

Valuable Automation

Increase the reliability of your existing automation and never have issues with flaky tests again. Reduce manual maintenance by automatically managing the defect lifecycle.

Shorter Test Cycles

Find defects faster by targeting your testing on the areas most likely to have defects.  Never have last minute defects hold up a release again.

Want All These Benefits and More?

Join the Software Intelligence revolution and ensure your software development succeeds.

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