Release Faster 
With Fewer Defects

Appsurify applies machine learning to your code development history to help your team find bugs faster, prioritize testing, and optimize development.

Reduce the Amount of Testing

Appsurify’s machine learning analyzes the risk associated with each commit and helps you target your testing where it’s needed. Appsurify prioritizes your testing based on the likelihood of finding a defect to allow you to reduce the amount of testing required before release.

Create Fewer Defects

Appsurify’s unique DevMetrix provides you with actionable metrics on your team’s strengths and weaknesses to help understand which developers are best at different code areas and what factors are causing defects. Use Appsurify to assign the right developer to each task and release faster with fewer defects.

Supercharge Your Test Automation

Appsurify integrates with your CI/CD system to run a targeted set of automated tests on each code commit to give developers results within seconds. 

Appsurify also analyzes automated test results and prevents builds from breaking due to flaky test and defects not caused by the commit. 

Make Your Testing More Efficient in Minutes

Appsurify runs in the cloud and is integrated with all Git-based repositories and most major CI/CD systems and automated test frameworks. Nothing to install installation, no training needed. Sign up for Appsurify and have it start optimizing your automated testing and prioritizing your manual testing within minutes. 

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