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Are Flaky Failures Putting You in Automation Hell?

You’ve spent months setting up your test automation, making it perfect, making it automatic so you can press a button and find out  if your build passes. And what happens? Failures! Not real failures, that would be fine—that’s the whole point of testing. No, you’re...

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AI for QA Isn’t What You Expect

Whenever I tell people that Appsurify has developed AI to make QA testing faster and smarter, they get excited. They inevitably imagine the magic button that unleashes bots to find every bug automatically. Fortunately or unfortunately, the magic button remains mostly...

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Building Better Software With Fewer Bugs

Pardon the interruption of your Wireshark traces. I’d like to switch gears a bit today and talk about software testing rather than network testing. I can’t imagine that anyone would disagree that better software with fewer bugs would be welcome. The question is how?...

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