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What is a Shift Left Testing Strategy? 


The shift left testing movement is about tightening the feedback loop between testing and development.

By testing earlier and more frequently, developers benefit by getting test results in real-time and correcting defects before context switching. Furthermore, the whole team benefits by merging code with confidence and avoiding costly errors down the road.




3 issues stop QA teams from a shift left strategy:


  1. Long Automation Test Runs.
  2. Flaky Tests.
  3. Clogged CI/CD Pipelines.


  • Most teams suffer from slow automation test runs. How can testers push results to developers in real-time if testing takes too long to complete?


  • Test scripts regularly fail for no apparent reason or change to the code. These false failures cause the build to fail. How can testers pass feedback to developers quickly if their builds are regularly failing due to Flaky Failures?


  • Active CI/CD pipelines get clogged from over activity. If a CI pipeline is not running efficiently, the whole team suffers from extended wait times, builds breaking, and queues forming. How can testers pass feedback to developers when the CI is not optimized? See image below


Clogged CI Pipeline

Long test execution times cause builds to queue in the CI Pipeline



Achieve a Shift Left Testing strategy:


Introduce Intelligence into the current test practice to achieve.


  1. Testing completes in 90% less time. 
  2. Stabilize builds by quarantining flaky tests. 
  3. Optimize the CI/CD Pipeline.


  • Leverage impact based testing to determine the important tests to run after every commit. Reduce automation test completion time by over 90% by only running the tests that have been impacted by a recent developer change.


  • Quarantine and Isolate Flaky Tests to prevent them from breaking builds. Therefore, stabilize your test environment from false failures.


  • Optimize CI Pipelines by reducing the time it takes to complete and the pass the build.


ci pipeline optimized

Streamline CI Pipeline with Faster Test Execution Time




Testing needs to be at it’s fastest and results need to be readily available to achieve a Shift Left strategy,

TestBrain is designed to plug easily into current test practices, whether on-premises or in the Cloud, to facilitate a Shift Left Test Strategy.

We are proud to give time and resources back to the development community, helping teams ship higher quality product faster than ever before.


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