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Make Your Cucumber Testing 10x Faster With TestBrain

TestBrain uses machine learning to find the subset of your Cucumber tests needed to check the specific changes and save you time and money. TestBrain also eliminates the frustration of flaky failures to make your test results reliable.

Do Your Cucumber Tests Take More than 5 Minutes to Run?

Of course they do. But the vast majority of the tests are checking areas of the code that haven’t changed. So why are you wasting time and money running every test every time?

Do You Have Flaky Failures?

Of course you do. You can try fixing your tests but you’ll always end up with some number that are flaky. With TestBrain, flaky failures are no longer a problem. TestBrain automatically quarantines flaky failures so they don’t break your builds, don’t frustrate your developers, and don’t waste your time reviewing failure reports.

Find and Run the Useful Tests For Each Code Change

TestBrain’s smart automation makes your testing fast and efficient by running just the subset of your tests that are relevant to the specific code changes. For a large code base, only 10% or less of the tests are typically needed to check any particular change.  

Shift Left By Testing Each Commit Immediately

By running just a small subset of tests, TestBrain tests every commit as soon as it’s applied to get results to developers immediately. No more waiting for a full test cycle. Developers can fix any bugs before moving to their next task.

Join the Testing Elite

Google, Facebook, and Microsoft each spent years developing machine learning to improve the speed of their own testing. With TestBrain, you can be just as fast and efficient as the elite within an hour.

Save Money, Too

By eliminating unnecessary testing, TestBrain saves you money on your cloud-based testing and reduces the size of your on-premises testing infrastructure.

Make Your Cucumber
Testing 10x Faster

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