Test Smarter, Find Defects Faster Using Targeted Testing

Reduce the amount of testing required for your release by predicting the commits which are most likely to have introduced defects, enabling you to target these areas.

Defect Prone Areas

We use the history of commits from your repository to determine which areas of your application have previously had associated defects. Defect clustering helps us extrapolate which areas are prone to defects and allows you to take extra care when changing these areas.

Commit Prioritization

By analyzing the data available to us, including commit history, defect history, user history and test history, Appsurify is able to tell which commits are likely to contain a defect. This analysis allows your team to accurately target their testing and gives them a roadmap for finding defects.

Targeted Testing

From our analysis of your commits and defect prone areas, we can prioritize the order in which you should execute your tests in order to streamline your testing process and find defects as fast as possible. 

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