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Build High Performing Development Teams with DevMetrix

Appsurify’s DevMetrix gives you the data you need to organize high performing teams and assign the right developers to each task so you can release faster with fewer defects.

Metrics for Quality and Quantity

Lines of code produced is nearly useless for evaluating performance. Appsurify analyzes the code development history and monitors the results of QA testing to generate metrics that take into account the quality of the code and its difficulty as well as the quantity.

Appsurify’s DevMetrix includes:

  • Area of code
  • Code quantity
  • Difficulty of work
  • Defect rates
  • Amount of rework

Find the Right Developer for Each Task

Appsurify’s DevMetrix generates metrics for each developer separately in each code area to help you find your developers’ strengths and avoid their weaknesses so you can assign the right people to each task.

Improve Code Quality

DevMetrix identifies habits that are leading to defects so you can work with your team members to break the habits and improve code quality.

Unblock Developers

Appsurify ensures you meet critical deadlines by showing
you the progress of each team member. By spotting anyone behind in their tasks, you can provide assistance early before a release becomes delayed.

Build Stronger Teams

By building teams and assigning tasks based on developers’ competencies, you’ll be able to release faster with fewer defects while increasing developer job satisfaction.

Optimize Your Development Teams With DevMetrix

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