The Solution to Flaky Test Results

Appsurify’s machine learning identifies test failures caused by flaky test infrastructure or unreliable automation and isolates them from failures caused by code defects.

The Scourge of Flaky Test Failures

Are you struggling with flaky tests and unreliable automation? You aren’t alone. Even Google estimates that 16% of their tests occasionally fail in a way not caused by changes to the code and Spotify engineers list build flakiness as their #1 pain point.

Causes of Flaky Failures

Tests frequently fail for a wide variety of issues with the infrastructure or test conditions unrelated to the code being tested, including:

Identify Flaky Test Failures

Appsurify’s machine learning examines the results of automated testing and separates failures caused by the infrastructure from defects caused by code changes. Appsurify’s automated bug tracking opens separate flaky test defects for easy tracking.

Don’t Break Your Builds

Rather than quarantining unreliable tests, Appsurify quarantines the flaky failures, allowing testing to continue to run and find new bugs while still preventing the build from breaking.

Save Time Reviewing
Failure Reports

Appsurify saves your test time sorting through dozens of test failures by grouping together all failures caused by the same underlying infrastructure problem.

Eliminate Developer Frustration

By identifying and isolating flaky test failures, Appsurify saves your developers from the wasted time and frustration of investigating phantom bugs.

Make Your Testing
Smarter with Appsurify

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