How To Use Appsurify

Appsurify is integrated with all Git-based repositories and most major
CI/CD systems. The cloud-based version is ready to run and needs no
installation. With an intuitive testing dashboard, Appsurify is easy to use
and requires no user training.

Sign Up for Your Free Appsurify Trial

Just configure the number of user licenses you need
and you’re ready to begin your free 60 day trial. For
on-site hosting or any special requirements, contact
us for custom installation.


Connect to Your Repository

Connect to any Git-based repository. Select from any of your repositories on Github or Bitbucket, or add a path to a local repository.


Appsurify Analyzes
Your Data

Appsurify applies machine learning to your repository to
find patterns in the commits that caused defects.
Appsurify uses these patterns to assign risk to future commits while it continues learning from new test results.

The initial analysis takes from a few minutes to a few
hours depending on the size of the repository.


Add a Script to Your
CI/CD Server

Just add the provided script to integrate Appsurify with Jenkins, CircleCI, CloudBees, Azure DevOps, or any other CI/CD server.


Import Automated Tests

Import the results of automated tests in JUnit or
NUnit format.


Add Users

Configure additional administrators if desired and add email addresses for testers and developers to view the testing dashboard.


Begin Using Appsurify!

It’s that simple. Appsurify is now ready to improve your
test automation, reduce your manual testing, and optimize developer assignment.

Make Your Testing
Smarter with Appsurify

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