How it Works

Appsurify uses both your Git repository data and your test results to better understand your team, improve your task allocation and increase the value and reliability of your test automation. In doing this Appsurify, helps teams release faster with fewer defects

Connect Your Git Repository and Retrieve Commit Data

Connect your Git repository either through github or using SSH. We use your Git repository to extract the commit history of your project. Your data is then securely stored on Amazon AWS and can only be accessed via an SSL connection using an authenticated session. We do not provide exports or any form of a download of your data. It is not possible to access your repos directly.

Analyze Data

Appsurify analyzes your commits to determine which commits created defects.  Appsurify also categorizes your commits into different types for further analysis.

Determine Change Risks

Appsurify looks for patterns in the commits which previously caused defects and then uses these patterns to assign risk to future commits.  Among other things we analyze: Number of contributors, when, where and who created the defect, size of the change, scope of the change and the type of task.  This change risk is used to help target your manual and automated testing to reduce the time required for each test cycle.

Improve Team Management

Appsurify’s dashboards display the proficiency of each developer at each task, area of the code and riskiness of the change.  Using these metrics for task assignment can increase the teams productiivty and happiness.   Managers can also see which team members are on track and which may need some additional support or training.

Import Automated Tests

Automated tests can be imported in JUnit format.  The results are extracted and are viewable on our dashboards.  This helps your entire team better understand the test coverage of each test suite and the progress of the testing. 

Analyze Results

Appsurify analyzes your results, groups failure reasons and automatically raises defects for new failure reasons.  Additionally, defects may be automatically reopened or closed based on the test results.  Defects may also be automatically categorized as flaky.

Prioritize Tests

Using the risk of change along with the test history Appsurify is able to determine which tests are most likely to fail and thus how the tests should be prioritized.

CI/CD Integration

Appsurify integrates with your CI/CD pipeline such that you only execute the important tests for each changeset.  Additionally, Appsurify can be set to only fail test executions when new defects are found.  This results in faster test executions and more reliable test with no more flaky test failures ruining your test run.

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