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Adding Automated Tests

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TestBrain determines which of your automated tests to run for the specific code changes. To do this, TestBrain needs to be aware of all of your automated tests. TestBrain works with any type of tests including unit tests, integration test, UI tests, and any other automated tests that are run automatically via a CI script.

Test Suites and Tests are associated with a particular project. If the same tests are used in multiple projects, please add them separately to each project.

Adding Automated Tests to TestBrain is a 2 step process:

  1. Name your test suites. This can be done during project setup using the wizard, or added later from the project page.
  2. Adding tests to the named test suites. This is usually done by running the full set of tests in each test suite once using the TestBrain CI Script so that test results are automatically imported into TestBrain. It is also possible to import the list of tests in each test suite directly through the GUI. 
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