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Associating Test Sets to Functional Code Areas

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Once the test suites have been created and the tests added, the next step is to an initial association of the tests to the functional areas of the source code. 

This step is optional. The machine learning will gradually create a fine-grained mapping of the tests to functional areas, files, and even lines of code. However, this initial manual association will allow TestBrain to provide significant time savings immediately to your test executions by dramatically reducing the number of tests run from the start. 

Change tabs from General, Linked Areas, and Dependent Areas to: Functional Areas, Area Dependencies, Tests-Areas Associations (note order change)

The initial test associations are done through the Test-Areas Associations table which can be found in the Functional Areas tab of the GUI. To reach this table:

Click on Projects on the left menu.

Old UI

Select the project from the drop down on the top right side.

Click on the settings icon.

Go to the Areas tab.

Click on the Tests-Areas Associations tab.

New UI

Click TestArea Mapping button on the navigation menu on the left.

Mapping Test Sets to Areas

This screen shows a table to associate test areas to functional areas. Test Groups are the various groupings of tests labeled testsuites in the xml. (Not to be confused with the broader category of Test Suites defined in TestBrain such as unit tests, UI tests, etc.) All Test Groups from the different test suites that are part of the project are included here.

Press Edit then check the boxes to match test areas to functional areas. Tests areas can match more than one functional area. Click the Save button when the associations are complete.

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