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To use TestBrain to optimize test automation, you will need to add an executable script to the CI to call the TestBrain API with the test conditions. The script can be created manually using the provided syntax, but most users will find it easier to use the CI Script Generator in the TestBrain GUI to build the CI script. 

For up to date versions of the CI script please go here

For special cases of connecting TestBrain directly to the test framework to execute tests without using the CI, please contact Appsurify support for assistance.

To use the CI Script Generator:

Click on the account menu in the top left corner and select CI Script. This will open a window to specify the test parameters.

Set the Test Selection, Build Failure Criteria, Test Command Syntax, and Test Report parameters. See the individual instructions for details of each.

When complete, copy the CI script or download it to a text file and add it as an executable step in your CI pipeline.

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