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Defect Lifecycle

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Automatic Opening

Defects will automatically open when tests fail.  The type will depend on a number of factors. By default they are opened as a project defect, but if the model indicates that these failures were flaky the default type will be set to flaky.

The model for determining flakiness looks at a large number of features including:

  • Previous defects
  • Failure messages
  • Failure types – fail vs error vs assert
  • Average run time vs when the test failed
  • History of that test
  • Area of the change

Automatic Closing

Defects other than of type flaky will be closed automatically when all the associated tests (tests that have failed because of this defect) pass on a commit which is a child of the commit which caused the defect.

Caused By Commits

Caused by commits are the set of commits which caused the defect.

Closed By Commits

Closed by commits are the set of commits which closed the defect.


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