Last Step: Push Test Results!

How to push test results to TestBrain and begin leveraging prioritized testing. #

Through TestBrain GUI #

2 Options for Adding Tests: Either Automatically or Manually #
  • Test Suites and Tests are associated with a particular project. If the same tests are used in multiple projects, please add them separately to each projects.
Automatically: Adding automated tests to TestBrain through GUI #

2 step process

  • NAME your test-suites.
    • This can be done during project setup using the wizard, or added later from the project page.
  • ADDING tests to the named test-suites.
    • Done by running the full set of tests in each test suite once using the TestBrain CI Script so that tests results are automatically imported into TestBrain.
  • Begin enjoying faster test results!
Manually: Import Tests through TestBrain GUI #
  • Create Project.
  • Name test-suites.
  • To manually import Tests:
    • Select or Drag test-suite over to the right where it says ‘select or drop file here.’
  • Select or drop file in highlighted area.
  • Upload test file
  • We’ll then do an initial mapping of the tests to the code.

  • TestBrain will do this automatically.

    • If you want to speed up the process, you have the option of manually mapping the test suites to the functional areas of the application.