Mapping Tests to Areas/Files

As part of determining which tests to run mapping individual tests to areas/files can quickly improve the performance of our analysis.

We do recommend doing this at a Test Suite/Set level however if your tests are all grouped into one Test Suite/Set then mapping at a individual test level is beneficial.

  • Click on Test Suites on the Navigation menu on the left side.
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Mapping Tests to Areas/Files #

  • Choose the test suite containing the tests you want to map.
  • To map multiple tests to an area or files select them check the checkbox next to the tests, then click assign.
  • Choose the project you are mapping for then check the appropriate areas/files and press save.
Mapping Tests to Areas/Files
  • For single tests, click on the test, scroll to the bottom of the test details screen on the right and then select the appropriate areas/files and press save.