Step 3: Analyze Meta Data

To form the model and map test-scripts to functional areas of the application. #

Step 3 – Analyze Meta Data #

Four options to analyze the meta data.


  • Let TestBrain automatically map test to functional areas

Historical Data

  • TestBrain analyzes the history of developer repository and learns from prior commits.

Manual Mapping

  • You map test scripts to functional areas of code.
    • Click on Test Suites on the Navigation menu on the left side:


  • Choose the test suite containing the tests you want to map
  • To map multiple tests to an area or files, select them, check the checkbox next to the tests, then click assign.
  • Choose the project you are mapping for, then check the appropriate areas/files and press save.
  • For single tests, click on the test, scroll to the bottom of the test details screen on the right and then select the appropriate areas/files, and press save.

New Data Only

  • TestBrain learns over time in the background via new developer commits
    • 50 Test Runs Required.