User Administration

User types, adding or deleting users, adding and removing users from a project. #

User Administration: #

  • TestBrain is initially set-up with a single Amin user who is the initial contact for the integration.
  • Adding additional users to TestBrain is a two‐step process: First, create the user in TestBrain then add the user to applicable projects.

User Types: #

  • Users are classified as either Admin users or Regular users.
  • Regular Users are limited to accessing the particular projects to which they are assigned. For those projects, they are able to view the TestBrain dashboard and review test results.
  • Admin Users are able to view all test results across all projects and can make changes to the configuration.

Change Admin Role: #

  • To change a regular user into an administrator, or change an administrator into a regular user, click on the Role dropdown next to the username and set the appropriate user role.

To add or delete users: #

  • Click on the profile icon in the top right corner and select “Users” from the dropdown list. This will open the user configuration window.

Adding Users:

  • To add new users, click on the plus button. Select between adding admin or regular users.


  • A pop‐up will open to add users. Enter the email address of each new user separated by a semicolon and click “Invite.” An email will be sent to each user to create their own username and password.

edit user

Delete Users:

  • To remove a user from the list of users, click the red trash can icon next to the right of the username.

Adding Users to a Project #

  • A user must be assigned as a member of the project team to participate in the project. To assign users to the project:
  • Select Projects in the left menu to open the Project window.

Configure Project

  • Click the configuration gear to open the project configuration screen
  • Select the Members tab.

Adding and Removing Members

  • Users that are unassigned to this project are listed in the left column and members of the project team are listed on the right. Use the arrows in the middle to add or remove users from the project team.

Removing Members from a Project #

  • On the Members tab of the project, use the left arrow to remove users from the project team to the list of unassigned users.