Prevent Missed Deadlines, Keep Developers On-Track and Create Fewer Defects

Better understand your team members strengths and weaknesses.  Recognize which team members are blocked, so that you are less likely to miss potential deadlines.  Create fewer defects by accurately assessing skillsets and assigning tasks correctly.

Task Assignment

Analyze the competency of your developers when it comes to various task types (including new code, refactoring, legacy, etc.) and understand what tasks suit them best. Use this analysis to improve your task management in order to reduce the number of created defects and complete tasks faster.

Blocked Developers

Appsurify analyses the commit histories of your team to get a better understanding of each team member’s progress. This will allow you identify which developers are behind on their task and thus help you meet all deadlines.

Create Fewer Defects

By more intelligently assigning your tasks based on the defect prone areas of your code and your developers’ competencies your team will create fewer defects.  This helps ensure earlier releases and happier teams.

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