1-Min Appsurify Video: AI Impact-Based Testing

Oct 30, 2023

Are you a QA, DevOps, or Engineering leader tired of running too many tests, slow CI Pipelines, and growing Infrastructure costs?

Are you a QA, DevOps, and or Engineering Leader?

Is your team tired of…

  • Running too many tests
  • Growing Infrastructure costs
  • Slow CI Pipeline builds
  • Developers waiting on Test Results?

Can AI Impact-based Testing help my Team?


If your team has an active CI pipeline and automation test practice, Appsurify’s AI Impact-based testing platform auto-executes only the tests based on recent developer changes for…

  • Instant Regression Feedback to Developers
  • Lowered Infrastructure spend
  • Accelerated CI Builds
  • Boosted Dev Output

Example of AI Impact-based Testing

In this 1-min video, we have a 10-minute test run with 560 tests.

After Appsurify is enabled, the smart tool auto selects only the 22 tests impacted by recent developer changes (cutting out the irrelevant tests) and gets important feedback to developers in under 1-minute.

Now that’s fast feedback!

NextGen Test Execution

Appsurify is the 3rd generation of test execution…

  • 1st Generation: Run tests sequentially, or one at a time. Takes a very long time to complete!
  • 2nd Generation: Run tests in parallel or multiple threads. Helps keep time down but very expensive and drives up infrastructure costs! Also abides by the law of diminishing returns.
  • 3rd Generation: Run tests by Priority. Just run the tests that matter based on changes, which is also complimentary with Parallel testing.

Leverage the NextGen Test Execution technology through Appsurify’s patented Risk-based Testing Solution, TestBrain.


Just run the tests impacted by recent developer changes to optimize CI pipelines and development workflows through AI for faster release schedules and increased developer output!

Never wait for slow test runs and CI pipelines again, leverage the next generation of Test Execution through Appsurify.

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