Want to bring Overnight Tests into your Daily CI Pipeline?

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Benefit 1

Risk Based Testing fuels Productivity

Fast Track Deployments by providing QA and Developers full-spectrum test results on a per change basis to fix regressions 10x earlier, faster, and economically.

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Benefit 2

Eliminate Flaky Tests and Shift Left

Eliminate Flaky Tests and stabilize Builds to find only real bugs in testing and achieve a Shift Left Strategy.

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Benefit 3

Testing Takes 92% Less Time

Risk Based Testing runs only the tests in your CI pipeline where developers made changes – not the entire test suite of mostly unaffected tests. 

Accelerate your CI Pipeline with Risk Based Testing

CI pipelines process only one build at a time. If automation testing takes too long, then pipelines quickly become clogged and builds queue – delaying important feedback to the team. Accelerate your CI Pipeline with TestBrain and execute only the tests impacted on a PR basis through Risk Based Testing and complete builds in 80% Less Time.

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Streamline Your CI/CD Pipeline

92% Reduction in Test Completion Time

Risk Based Testing

TestBrain uses Machine Learning to determine the areas of an application that have changed after each developer commit and automatically selects and executes just the tests impacted by those changes automatically in the CI Pipeline.

UI, Regression, E2E, Integration, Unit, any Test Type!

Before and After TestBrain

Help Manual Testers

Risk Map for Manual Testing

Gain a visual representation of your application at a moment in time to help pinpoint the introduction of new defects. Manual Testing carries a high learning curve, give you Testers a Map to the Bugs!

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QA & Developers

Eliminate the stress and guess of code failures. With TestBrain, QA & Developers can streamline both the manual and automation testing process by utilizing machine learning to leverage risk-based testing.


Meet deadlines and scope a shorter project timeline by allowing your teams to prioritize tests. Cut down on development time and reap the benefits of increased revenue and cost-savings.

TTC Global

“There is a lot of hype about AI/ML in the testing tools market today – Appsurify is the real deal. If you are a team with a high level of test automation that wants to run tests on a per commit basis – TestBrain is the tool I’d recommend checking out.”

Nate Custer

QA Manager | TTC
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Test Our Knowledge


Machine Learning to Speed Up QA Testing

Almost all companies now use a continuous integration tool as part of their development process, yet many are still missing release dates due to a lack of precision or “test bloat.” Discover how TestBrain streamlines the coding process by isolating defects and prioritizing code changes in real time.

Speed Up Your QA

Test 5x more Frequently and Ship more Confidently!