Release Faster With Fewer Defects

Appsurify applies machine learning to make your software testing smarter. Reduce your development and testing time by up to 50% using the latest machine learning techniques!

Help your teams build and test their software

faster and smarter than ever before

Team Metrics

Reduce the number of defects created by your team.


Defect Prediction

Target your testing in order to reduce the time required to find defects.

Advanced Automation

Increase the speed, reliability and value of your automation.

Don’t Miss Another Deadline!

Let Us Improve Your Software Development!

Delayed Releases

The majority of IT projects miss their targeted release dates due to delays caused by defects in the SDLC. Appsurify can help improve your team management in order to increase output, create fewer defects and detect defects faster. To achieve this, we focus on improving your software development process and task distribution, as well as targeting your testing in areas where defects have a high likelihood of being found.

Poor Reviews and Low User Retention

Finding defects or crashes in your application is one of the primary reasons for poor reviews and low user retention.  Appsurify can reduce the number of defects found by your users by providing you with detailed information on how to reduce defects and where to focus your testing. Additionally Customers now expect functionality to be available in your application, not that it is “coming soon”.

Testing Shouldn’t Be Difficult.

We Can Help Overcome Your Testing Challenges

Unreliable Automation

Only 20% of automation projects provide a return on investment.  Most automation projects teams spend more time investigating the test runs failures which are frequently not real defects.  We eliminate issues caused by flaky tests through the use of automated detection and separation techniques, leaving only relevant errors found by your automation being displayed.

Slow Automation

Do your automated tests take over 5 minutes to run?  Do you spend hours reviewing your automated test results?  Appsurify automates the test triage process automatically creating and resolving defects.  Appsurify can also prioritize your tests leading to shorter run times.

Never Have A Delayed Release Again

Join the testing revolution and ensure that testing is never again the bottleneck in your software development process.

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