Release Faster 
With Fewer Defects

Appsurify applies machine learning to make your software
testing smarter. Reduce your development and testing
time by up to 50% using the latest machine learning

Appsurify makes testing smarter, faster, and cheaper

Smarter Test Automation

Increase the speed and reliability of your existing test automation while reducing cost with Appsurify’s intelligent automation.

Targeted Manual Testing

Reduce manual testing while finding
more bugs with Appsurify’s defect prediction.

Improved Development

Release faster with fewer defects by assigning the right developers to each
task with Appsurify’s efficiency metrics.

Overcome Your Testing
Challenges with Appsurify

Frequent code commits and quick release schedules leave little time for thorough testing. Appsurify offers a smarter way to make your existing automated and manual testing more efficient and effective.

Intelligent Testing Using
Machine Learning

Appsurify applies advanced machine learning to analyze
your software repository and determine which commits
created defects. It then looks for patterns which caused
defects and uses the data to determine the risk of new

Get Test Results in Seconds

Does your automated testing take more than 5 minutes
to run?

Appsurify applies its machine learning and integrates
with the CI/CD system to run a targeted set of tests
needed to cover each code commit. Developers get
accurate test results within seconds. You save time and
money by avoiding unnecessary tests.

Automate Defect Tracking

Appsurify keeps your test team organized and avoids
costly mistakes by automating the defect lifecycle.

Appsurify identifies bugs, groups test failures by defect,
tracks their status on the dashboard, tests that they have
been properly corrected, and closes the bugs when fixed.

Find More Defects With
Less Testing

Appsurify can improve the quality of your software by
predicting the riskiness of each commit and
determining exactly which tests need to be run to find
any problems.

Make Your Testing
Smarter with Appsurify

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