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Speed Up Your QA Testing by 10x with TestBrain 

Appsurify’s TestBrain finds the right subset of your automated tests to match the specific code changes, making your testing run 10x faster. TestBrain also quarantines flaky failures so they don’t break your builds, and identifies the risks in recent commits to prioritize your manual testing so you can release faster with fewer bugs.

TestBrain Makes You a QA Hero

See how TestBrain can make your automated testing faster, eliminate flaky failures, and help your manual testers find bugs faster.

Speed Up Your Automated Testing by 10x

Do your automated tests take more than 5 minutes to run? Are your developers wasting time waiting for test results? TestBrain finds and runs the small set of your automated tests needed to check the specific code changes so developers can get test results as soon as they apply their changes.

Prioritize Manual Testing  Where Defects are Likely

TestBrain helps you find defects faster with a roadmap to the bugs. TestBrain identifies the changes most likely to include defects and maps them to the code so you can focus your manual testing where it will be most useful.

Ensure Your Tests Run Reliably Without Flaky Failures

Does unreliable automation and flaky test failures waste your time while frustrating the development team? TestBrain identifies and quarantines failures caused by flaky tests and known bugs so they don’t break your builds. 

Get Alerted to Risky Changes

Get immediate notification of high-risk commits and changes to sensitive areas of the code so you can begin reviewing them right away instead of waiting until the end of sprint.

Begin Using TestBrain in Minutes 

Simply connect TestBrain to your repository and CI server and begin speeding up your testing within minutes. TestBrain works with all programming languages and test automation frameworks and is available in both cloud and self-hosted versions. 

Join the Testing Elite

Google (regression test selection), Facebook (predictive test selection), Microsoft (test impact analysis) and other elite developers have all implemented similar techniques to make their own testing fast and efficient. TestBrain brings you the same efficiency gains ready to use within minutes.

Speed Up Your QA Testing
with TestBrain

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