Make Your Testing Smarter with TestBrain 

Appsurify’s TestBrain helps you release faster with fewer defects while saving money on your testing, too. TestBrain adds intelligence to your automated and manual tests to run the right tests at the right time and eliminate the bottlenecks to faster software development.

Appsurify TestBrain Makes You a QA Hero

Watch a short video to learn how Appsurify makes your automated testing faster, eliminate flaky test failures, and helps your manual testers find bugs faster.

Make Your Automated Testing 10x Faster

Do your tests take more than 5 minutes to run? Are your developers wasting time waiting for test results? TestBrain allows you to run only the small subset of tests that are actually needed to check the specific changes, making testing fast and efficient. Developers get test results immediately without having to wait for a full test run so they can find and fix bugs within minutes. And you can stop throwing away money running all the tests that have no chance of failing. 

Prioritize Your Manual Testing on the Riskiest Changes

TestBrain’s RiskMap helps you find defects faster with a roadmap to the bugs. TestBrain analyses your recent commits to identify the risk of changes so you can focus your testing where the bugs are hiding.

Eliminate Flaky Failures

TestBrain identifies and quarantines failures caused by flaky tests and known bugs so that nothing breaks a build except new defects in each code commit.   

Begin Using TestBrain in Minutes 

Simply connect TestBrain to your repository and CI/CD and begin testing smarter within minutes. TestBrain works with all programming languages and test automation frameworks.  

Make Your Testing
Smarter with TestBrain

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