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Slow Automation Testing and CI Bottlenecks are PAINFUL to productivity and costs.  Optimize your Shift Left testing strategy and have your Tests and CI Pipeline running FAST!

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Designed With You in Mind

Instant Visibility

Instant Test Feedback

Get Test Results back to Developers on a Per Change Basis!

E2E, UI, Integration, Regression, Unit Tests, etc.

Increase Productivity

Dynamic Smoke Tests

Smart Test Selection & Execution gives Teams the ability to create Dynamic Smoke Tests for Robust Feedback spanning all Test Types: Regression, UI, E2E, Integration, Unit, etc.   

No More Context-Switching

QA Intelligence

Get real-time insights into how your tests are performing and the health status of each Test Run for quick analysis and bug tracking. 

Reduce Time to Market

CI Optimization

Optimize your active CI Pipeline to Deploy Faster and more Confidently through proprietary smart test selection technology. 

Shift Left Testing

Shift Left Testing

Find bugs in Real-Time by getting Developers and Testers feedback at Scale and on a Per Change Basis in the CI Pipeline. Don’t give Bugs breathing room!   

Reduce Local or Cloud Resources

Save Cloud & Infrastructure Costs

Save those minutes! By only running the Tests that Matter, save up to 70% on Cloud and Testing Infrastructure Costs by using less Resources.

Reduce expensive Parallel Threads required for running Tests and optimize your CI/CD. 



Built by Testers, For Testers

After spending decades in the QA space, there was one thing that remained consistent: slow testing. Appsurify’s patented technology eliminates Slow Testing by prioritizing the Tests impacted by Developer Changes automatically in your CI/CD. 

AI-Powered Risk Based Testing

Optimize Test Automation practices through Patented AI-Powered Risk Based Test Selection Technology – allowing QA and Developers to get important feedback in real-time by only running the individual Test Cases where Developers are working.  

No more Devs waiting on Long Test Runs to Finish! 

2 Minute Video


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Flaky Failure Prevention

Stop Flaky Tests breaking your Builds and distracting the Team. Leverage AI to separate failures caused by Flaky Tests FROM Real Defects caused by actual code changes, thus; giving Developers a clear signal if their commit passes or fails.

Stop Chasing Flaky Tests!

2 Min Flaky Test Demo 


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Risk Alerts

Get notified of risky code changes to find defects faster and before merging bad code. Developers can check and test the defect immediately instead of waiting until the end of the sprint. Teams can also customize alerts, such as flagging the commit for review.

Get an alert to check an area before merging bad code!  

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shift left testing reports


Save time sorting through xml reports to find real bugs versus flaky failures. TestBrain organizes your test results and groups all failures by underlying defects for easy review across teams.

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Risk Map

Hunting and finding defects has become almost a full time job for Developers and QA. TestBrain’s Risk Map visualizes which code areas have been modified while predicting where defects have been introduced for both manual and automated testing.

shift left testing risk map
shift left testing strategy

Shift Left Testing

Avoid approaches where testing is only carried out at the end of the software development lifecycle. By shifting the testing cycle to the left, your team can find defects earlier in the development process.

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Slow CI/CD Builds hurt Productivity

Before: Slow Automation Testing and Queue Buildup

Active CI/CD pipelines become clogged with long test-cycles during the day which causes the team to suffer from queue buildup, merge issues, wasted time, and lost productivity.

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efficient automation testing

Accelerate your CI/CD Build Times

After: Efficient Automation Testing

Appsurify reduces Test Run time by 90% and stabilizes Builds by quarantining flaky failures. As a result, your team experiences an optimized CI/CD pipeline that passes builds faster and no longer bottlenecks productivity.

2 Min Demo on Faster CI Build Time


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Overcoming Software’s Limitations

Bugs have their place in this world – and it’s not in your code. Test smarter, faster, and cheaper while releasing your product earlier and with fewer defects.

How it Works

TestBrain integrates with all Git-based repositories and most CI/CD systems and optimizes your existing software test practice for faster time to market.

Installation Guide



TestBrain integrates with Jenkins, CircleCI, CloudBees, Azure DevOps, Travis, and most other CI/CD systems.

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