Appsurify is dedicated to leveraging advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to make software testing smarter,
faster, and cheaper. By improving the efficiency of software testing, Appsurify allows you to release your products faster with fewer defects.The Appsurify team builds upon decades of experience in software testing to overcome today’s limitations. We understand the challenges of QA and software testing because we’ve lived them ourselves.

Appsurify was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Santa
Monica, California, with development based in Auckland, New
Zealand. The company is privately held and well financed.

Experienced Team

The Appsurify team combines decades of real world 
experience in development and testing of mission critical 
software. The team previously worked at Fiserv, Macquarie 
Bank, Apposite Technologies, Mentat (now Symantec), 
Honeywell, Hughes/Raytheon and other leading finance, 
defense, security, and IT firms. We understand the importance of fully-tested software that works right every time.

Unique Solution

Only Appsurify offers a solution that integrates with the existing CI/CD infrastructure to make testing smarter, faster, and cheaper. By applying machine learning to analyze code commits and defect history, Appsurify improves test automation, reduces manual testing, and optimizes developer assignment.

Responsive Customer Support

We’re here for you, not the other way around. Our products are designed to make your lives less frustrating, and we respond with real answers real quickly. If you have a question or a problem, we’ll get you to the right person immediately rather than forcing you to navigate a complex web of ticketing and escalations.

Our Story

Appsurify was founded in 2017 out of frustration because
automated test tools took too long to run and manual testing
was too expensive and missed too many defects. Agile
development’s frequent code commits and quick release
schedules, left little time for thorough testing.

But machine learning offered the promise of a better way. Our
founders realized that by applying machine learning to the
software repository, we could determine the targeted set of tests
that were actually needed for each code commit. And by
integrating with the CI/CD system, we could run those tests
automatically and get results to developers within seconds.

Make Your Testing
Smarter with Appsurify

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