About Us

We help Software Development Teams create Higher Quality Software using the latest Testing Techniques including AI

Forward Thinking

We are committed to being at the forefront of the software testing profession and knowing and understanding the latest techniques.

Problem Solvers

At Appsurify we enjoy the challenge of finding solutions to the hardest of problems.

Customer Support

We strive to find solutions for our clients that work for them, rather than using standardised approaches.

Our Story

Appsurify started because we believe that software testing needs help.  Although as a profession we have some incredibly skilled and talented individuals the practices and tools we use haven’t evolved in the same way as they have for other IT professionals.  At Appsurify we are dedicated to improving the quality of testing in the IT industry.

We have brought together leaders in the testing world, trusted consultants, pioneering developers, and top-tier testers to give you the most innovative and experienced consultancy to help you improve both your tests and testing abilities.  You can trust us because we are developers and contributors to the tools that you use for your testing.

We know there’s no one size fits all approach to testing, so we provide guidelines rather than hard and fast rules and help teach you to adapt to ensure your testing processes work in the environment you are in.



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