How To Install TestBrain

Integrates with all Git-based and perforce repositories and most popular continuous delivery pipeline systems, TestBrain takes only minutes to setup and configure. Its intuitive interface requires no user training and is ready for immediate use for QA and Development teams. The cloud-based version requires no installation and is ready to run, while the agent-based and self-hosted versions require only installation of a VM on a local server.

Step 01

Sign Up for Your Free TestBrain Trial

Sign up for a free trial and we will contact you within one business day to set up your trial account.

Options include SaaS or On-Premise via local VM.

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Step 02

Connect to Your Repository

Select and connect your repository on Github, Bitbucket, or other alternative git repositories.

Connect to Your Repository

Step 03

TestBrain Analyzes Your Commits

TestBrain analyzes the metadata of your commits to find patterns that caused defects. These patterns are used to assign risk to future commits while it leverages machine learning for future test results. Initial analysis takes a few minutes to a few hours depending on the size of your repository.
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Step 04

Add a Script to Your Continuous Delivery Pipeline

TestBrain integrates with most repositories, continuous delivery pipeline tools, and popular testing frameworks. To allow TestBrain to manage the set of tests to run on each new commit, add a bash script as an executable step in your CI pipeline. The script also specifies configurable parameters for the criteria to fail the build and whether to rerun failed tests.

Add a Script to Your Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Step 05

Begin Using TestBrain

It’s that simple – enjoy streamlined test automation, faster test cycles, and faster time to market.

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Secure on AWS or On-Premise
TestBrain runs in the cloud on AWS or on a VM on your own site. To ensure the highest levels of security, TestBrain follows Django best practices with a 256 bit hash for storing passwords and data, and Amazon’s best practices, including applying encryption at rest to the entire file system and SSL for all communications and data transfers.
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