2 Min Demo: “Before and After” Risk Based Test Tool

Sep 14, 2023

10x faster results with Risk Based Test Tool.

Watch this 2 minute video where TestBrain takes a test-suite of 562 Junit tests that normally take 10 minutes to complete and reduces the test run completion time down to 45 seconds by only needing to run 22 tests.

Out of 562 tests, only 22 were impacted – so TestBrain knew to just run those 22 tests and completed the test run within 45 seconds!!!

Appsurify TestBrain is a plug-and-play QA risk based test tool that enables to teams to automatically select and execute only the tests where the code has changed.

No more delayed test results, no more delayed release deadlines. Get feedback to the team immediately by only running the tests where changes are being made with risk-based testing tool, TestBrain.

What is Risk Based Testing?

Risk based testing means only running the automated tests associated with recent changes or commits.

TestBrain leverages ML to analyze the code repository and subsequent developer commits, and is able to determine with 99.9% accuracy the tests most likely to be impacted by a recent change. With that accuracy, teams can confidently run their automated tests using TestBrain and get results immediately after any change rather than waiting hours before moving forward.

Benefits of a Risk Based Test tool:

Accelerate software testing by 10x

Just run the important tests.

risk based testing tool, TestBrain

TestBrain automatically selects and only run the tests that have been impacted by changes to get results back the team in 92.5% less time than before.

By only running the tests that have been impacted by recent changes, QA teams are now running only 2-5% of the full test-suite – thereby, reducing the time it takes to complete by over 92%.

Test more frequently throughout the day

By removing testing as a waiting point, teams can now test more frequently throughout the day and finish their tasks faster, reducing context switching and the probability a bug slipping through into production.

Achieve a Shift Left Strategy

Find and correct bugs earlier in the development cycle by tightening the feedback loop between testing and development by reducing test wait times by over 92%. What used to take 10 minutes, now takes under 45 seconds!

Find Regressions Earlier

UI, Integration, E2E, and most opensource test frameworks take considerable time to complete before they provide valuable information. TestBrain plugs into existing test practices and works with most opensource test frameworks to accelerate test cycles.

Tasks take a long time to complete if developers are waiting around for test results. Accelerate release schedules by getting developers necessary feedback in real time to find regressions earlier and more economically.

Test feedback is only as good as it is timely. Too slow of feedback, and developers will have already moved on and test results become irrelevant.

Optimize CI Pipeline builds

Active CI pipelines quickly become clogged as queues form throughout the day. Long automation test completion times are a big culprit delaying builds and even breaking them.

long CI pipeline

Long Test Runs slow CI Pipeline Builds

TestBrain accelerates builds by removing automation testing as slow portion of the CI process.

Accelerate CI Pipeline Builds

accelerate CI pipeline

Optimize your CI pipeline and pass builds earlier and with higher confidence by only running the tests that matter. Hey, even bring UI tests into your daily CI. A lot of teams we work with can only run their UI or Integration Tests overnight because they take so long. We’ve helped those teams bring important UI testing into their daily builds so their developers know the true extent of the changes they are making.

Plugs into your existing software testing practice

TestBrain is designed to be plugged into existing software testing practices to alleviate some of the most common pains associated with slow automation testing, and help with:

  • Catching bugs earlier:
    • Catch bugs as they are made in real time, in development.
  • Accelerate release deadlines:
    • Teams can only ship product as fast as they can test it for quality. If you accelerate your software testing or QA process, the team can ship code faster and with higher confidence.
  • Overworked Teams suddenly get the help they need:
    • Get both QA and Developers a plug and play resource that helps make their job life easier by automating the QA process for test selection and delivery of results.

Don’t wait on testing, because it won’t wait on you. Try TestBrain for Free Today.