2 Min Demo: Fix Flaky Tests from Breaking Builds

Sep 28, 2023

Prevent Flaky Tests from breaking Builds!

With 2 flaky tests in the 10-min build, our team would normally be alerted and need to inspect the random failures – and after several hours wasted , we’d realize they weren’t real defects after all. We needed a solution to fix flaky tests from hurting team trust in test results but couldn’t find one, so we built TestBrain!

Watch this 2-minute demo where TestBrain automatically quarantines the 2 tests detected as ‘Flaky’ and stabilizes and accelerates the CI Pipeline build to pass with confidence and in 90% less time without falsely alerting the team to the 2 random failures.

Appsurify TestBrain is a plug and play risk based test tool that enables teams to automatically quarantine and isolate flaky failures so they no longer falsely alert development to defects that aren’t real and allows builds to pass with confidence and at a much faster rate.

What is a Flaky Test Failure?

A Flaky test is a failure that is caused by no change to the underlying code, aka, a non-deterministic test. They reap havoc on automation test-suites by breaking builds and wasting serious team time inspecting them – only to realize they aren’t real defects.

Why are Flaky tests so distracting?

  1. Team productivity suffers as test results become less accurate and trust in the test-suites erodes.
  2. Real issues get ignored due to a high level of false positives.
  3. Repeat work is required to determine if defects exist.
  4. Takes longer to merge a pull request and longer to get code deployed.
  5. End-user dissatisfaction when bugs end up slipping into production.

To quote Martin Fowler – flaky tests are “a virulent infection that can completely ruin your entire test suite.”

Prevent Flaky Tests from Breaking Builds!

Only be Alerted to Real Bugs

Don’t get falsely distracted by defects that aren’t real anymore. With flaky tests managed by TestBrain, teams quickly regain confidence in their test runs and only focus on the tests that reveal meaningful data.

Stabilize Test Runs

Stabilize test runs by isolating and quarantining random failures to allow the build to pass with confidence. TestBrain does this automatically for you and is configurable on how and why you want builds to fail, thereby, dramatically freeing up time that was used to diagnose every test failure.

Regain confidence in your test-suite!

Optimize your CI Pipeline

With TestBrain optimizing CI pipelines through Risk Based Testing (only running the tests that matter) and quarantining flaky tests, teams pass builds at an accelerated rate to help merge higher quality code and reach deployment deadlines more easily than ever before.

how to fix flaky test failures

Detect and isolate flaky tests to pass builds on time

In Conclusion

Plug TestBrain into your software test practice today to rid your team of flaky tests breaking builds, stabilize and regain confidence in your test-suites, and ultimately accelerate CI Pipelines to fast track healthy deployments.

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