AI for QA Isn’t What You Expect

Apr 15, 2023

Whenever I tell people that Appsurify has developed AI to make QA testing faster and smarter, they get excited. They inevitably imagine the magic button that unleashes bots to find every bug automatically.


What is AI for QA?


Fortunately or unfortunately, the magic button remains mostly in the realm of science fiction, at least for now. Maybe one day, Skynet will figure out a way to test its weapons itself. Until then, though, we can still put AI to work for us, helping us find those bugs.

The usual way to try we find more bugs is to write more tests. But as our regression test suites grow from running in a few minutes to a few hours to overnight to over the weekend, we’re shifting right, finding bugs later and later in the development process, or throwing more and more money at the problem to run dozens of tests in parallel continuously.AI for QA

What if instead, as soon as there is a change to the code, we could automatically identify which tests out of that huge suite of regression tests are actually relevant to the particular changes and run them automatically? And immediately? Validating the code changes for the developers within seconds before they move onto the next task. Shift left, all the way to the left margin.


So it’s ML for QA? 


Science fiction? Nah. It’s not even rocket science. Google and Facebook are already doing this for their internal testing. And Appsurify now makes this available to everyone else. You can see more details here or reach out to us for a demo and a free trial. If you’re Skynet, though, sorry, this won’t help you. It still relies on those pesky human intelligence to build the tests and find the bugs.

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