How do the Elite make Selenium Testing Faster

Apr 15, 2023

UI Tests are SLOW!

UI tests running Selenium and other tools, such as Appium, are notoriously slow. And yet the biggest developers like Google and Facebook have millions of tests. Do they wait hours or days for testing? No, they’re releasing multiple times each day. So how do they do it?

Secret to making Selenium faster

Their secret to making testing faster is to run fewer tests. Hmm, that seems counterproductive, doesn’t it? The key, though, is not to simply run fewer tests, but to run all the tests that check the parts of the code that changed, and not bother with the large number of tests that are unrelated to the changes.

Catch bugs with less testing?

It’s exactly what you’d do, if you had the time to analyze every commit and find the right tests to run. But of course, you don’t have the time. So they’ve automated the process of finding the right tests for the code changes. Ah, that’s different—that would take a lot of work to build.

But now you don’t have to build it yourself—Appsurify’s TestBrain does it for you. Instead of years, you can having it running in minutes. And instead of hours for each test run, you’ll have results in minutes. Which means that you can test every commit as it is applied and get results to the developers immediately, so they can find and fix any bugs immediately. Pretty cool, eh?

make selenium faster

Just run the tests developers touched.

Does it work for Selenium? Yup. Does it work for Appium? Yup. Does it work for any other test tool or framework? Yup. As long as your tests are controlled by the CI/CD, TestBrain’s intelligent test orchestration can make them faster by running the right tests at the right time.

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