How to Optimize Your Automated Cloud Testing

Apr 15, 2023

Optimize Your Automated Cloud Testing

In the fast moving and rapidly expanding technology environment, it’s more important than ever to keep pace with the competition. Better yet, your business should constantly be seeking to find unique ways to stay ahead of the competition.

For businesses in the quality assurance (QA) testing environment, keeping pace is an ongoing challenge. Time to Market (TTM) is becoming increasingly important as being late leads to market erosion – whether it be releasing new products, providing system updates, or addressing customer concerns. As businesses adapt to agile workflows and remote environments, cloud testing has emerged to be a great asset in the software development lifecycle while proving to be beneficial to QA professionals across the board.

Whether you’re a start-up or large scale enterprise, investing in the right tools and techniques to help accelerate your testing and development process is what will separate you from the haves and have-nots in the software space. In this article, we’re exploring what cloud testing is and the various benefits your company can experience when taking advantage of this technology.

What is Cloud Testing?

Believe it or not, cloud computing is not a new technology – its origin dates back to the 1960s. But it’s only within the last decade or so that it’s popularity has absolutely skyrocketed, with a majority of companies using some form of cloud computing in their daily business .

Cloud computing is helping teams streamline processes in various areas of their business, particularly within the quality assurance testing environment. Cloud testing has become a popular and viable addition to on-premise QA by using cloud-based tools to emulate real-world user traffic and environments. These different types of cloud testing processes allow your team to test software without the usual constraints of a limited budget, geographical issues, multiple test cases, and more.

The Benefits of Cloud Testing Automation Tools

While some companies prefer to do manual testing, this model is time consuming and costly without the proper support and infrastructure in place. Automating your testing process is one of the best ways to improve your testing environment.

The importance of automated cloud testing is quickly becoming apparent among small, medium, and large enterprises. With the proper tools in place, automated cloud testing improves efficiency while ensuring robust software quality. As cloud testing continues to advance, there are several tools on the market that can help effectively execute automated test cases while comparing actual and expected results. In this manner, automated cloud testing guarantees software proficiency without involving repeated and manual intervention.

How to Optimize Your Automated Cloud Testing

While automating the cloud testing landscape is helping QA teams streamline their processes, these testing suites are still riddled with inefficiencies. A full test automation suite usually takes hours to run, forcing teams to wait for the results before making any critical changes to the code. This process is costly, as resources and time are being eaten up in the process.

But advanced testing tools, such as Appsurify’s TestBrain, are helping to further streamline the cloud testing landscape. TestBrain speeds up testing by using machine learning to find the small subset of your tests that are relevant to the specific code changes. This is usually between two to 10 percent of the full test suite, eliminating costly wait times completing testing within just minutes.

As soon as each commit is applied, TestBrain connects to the CI/CD to execute the relevant subset of tests. Developers get test results immediately and can fix any defects before moving on to other tasks. By isolating failures within your tests, your team can spend less time running full test suites and lower costs by getting your product to market on time and on budget.


Cloud testing and its supporting tools is one of the best ways your business can reduce costs while accelerating the testing process. In today’s competitive QA arena, companies need to leverage cloud technologies to maximize savings on testing infrastructures. By leveraging tools such as Appsurify’s TestBrain, your company can accelerate its testing efforts by isolating issues within your testing environment. To experience how TestBrain can improve your testing environment, contact us today for a free demo.