10 Min Appsurify TestBrain Demo

Jun 3, 2023

Appsurify TestBrain is a quality assurance software testing tool that enables organizations to test earlier, find bugs faster, and reduce development cycle times. The tool cuts automated test suite execution times by over 90% through predictive test-selection. With test results coming back to the team in 90% less time, team members can test more frequently throughout the day, find and correct bugs earlier and faster, and ultimately release faster with higher confidence. Watch the full TestBrain demo below to discover how it works or connect with our team to try it free

Appsurify TestBrain Demo

What is Appsurify TestBrain?

Appsurify TestBrain is serving software development QA needs for more than two years now. It is based out of Nashville, TN. The Appsurify brand provides a combination of tools, methodologies, and best practices that allow software development teams to confidently ship quality code faster and with fewer defects.

Who is TestBrain for? 

For QA and Automation Engineers, it reduces the number of tests that need to be run freeing up the CI/CD pipeline, it reduces execution times by 90% while still catching 99% of bugs, it quarantines unstable tests or flaky failures allowing the team to pass builds on time, and it provides advanced reporting on where tests failed and why. Multiple examples below.

For developers, it provides immediate test feedback upon submission of a recent change or commit, it helps to catch and correct bugs earlier in the development process, it reduces rework, and it helps to release quality code faster than ever before with confidence.

For Managers, it increases the flow of information between testers and developers, it lowers the resource cost associated with software testing both locally and in the Cloud, it reduces the risk of finding a defect late in the cycle, it reduces the risk of delayed releases, and it speeds up the development cycle times.


  • TestBrain eliminates the need to run the entire test suite after any small change, and instead just runs the important tests associated with that change.
  • Resulting in over a 90% elimination of time it takes to execute tests and receive feedback.
  • Allowing teams to test more frequently, find and correct bugs earlier, and reduce cycle times.