Need to release faster?

Apr 15, 2023

The pressure QA and Developers face to release faster.

Demanding end-users pressure QA and Developer teams more than ever to release faster. Better UI, Better Experience, Better Anything. QA and Developers race to meet the demands of their insatiable end-user needs. 

In response, Teams automate several processes to meeting tightening deadlines – such as with their software testing. However with more automation comes common issues that work against output and release schedules, such as long test completion times, lowered team communication, clogged CI/CD pipelines, and flaky tests. What might be a push for a major release, might miss a defect that hurts the end-user experience and tarnishes the brand of the company. 

need to release faster?

Why do you need to release faster?

Users require new features and better experiences as of yesterday. Who answers to their whims?…QA and Developers. 

That’s why teams invest in automation testing because it helps QA and Developer teams release faster. Rather than manually testing every feature of an application, Testers can write automated test scripts for application coverage and then move on. Each time QA needs to test the application, the automation test suite is executed to ensure that portion of the app still functions properly given a recent code change.  

Quality Assurance Risk

However with increased speed comes increased risk. QA automation presents many opportunities to speed up the development process. However, it can plateau very early and act according to the “law of diminishing returns.” With growing automation test suites, tests can become brittle or flaky and begin to eat away at saved time and productivity. 

It’s strategically important for QA automation engineers to rigorously maintain growing automation test suites for performance. If kept in a healthy state, automation testing opens vast amounts of resources and speed for increase output from teams. 

However many teams don’t have the bandwidth, manpower, or skillset to continually improve upon and enhance their QA automation testing. And it’s no surprise that most teams have unstable automation test environments that lead to major issues:

  • Long Test Completion Times.
  • Delayed Test Feedback to Team.
  • Clogs up the CI/CD Pipeline, leading to large queues. 
  • Developers waiting on test results.
  • Flaky Tests or Unstable Test Environment cause distractions.
  • Teams delete old test scripts that could potentially catch a bug.
  • Growing costs associated with automated software testing.
  • High Developer to QA ratio causes increased strain on QA teams to maintain test-scripts and keep up with developers.

risk alerts to bug introductions



How does Appsurify TestBrain Help:

Appsurify TestBrain enables (QA) Quality Assurance and Developer teams to get the most out of their automation testing practice by removing the common bottlenecks hurting productivity and team satisfaction:

shift left testing strategy

Only run the tests associated with developer changes.

  • Reduces Test Cycle Times by over 90%.
  • Accelerates Test Feedback to QA and Developers.
  • Clears up the CI/CD pipeline by over 80%, reducing queue buildup. 
  • Eliminates Developer wait time on test results.
  • Quarantines Flaky Failures so teams aren’t distracted and can ship on time.
  • Lowers infrastructure costs associated with automated software testing via Cloud or On-Prem. 
  • Improves communication between QA and Developers.
  • Improves overall QA and Developer team satisfaction.

Appsurify TestBrain enables QA and Developer teams to test more frequently, catch bugs earlier, and increase developer output.


TestBrain leverages predictive-test selection enabling teams to only run the important tests after any code change. Rather than running the whole large automation test suite, TestBrain automatically selects and runs just a subset (say 10%) of the total suite.  Teams can test faster, get results back in 90% less time, catch bugs earlier, and rapidly accelerate cycle times.Flaky Tests


Tech titans, such as Facebook and Google, test their software this way (check out their whitepaper on here), we just took their best practice and made it widely available to everyone.

Release Faster! 

Don’t let your automation testing hurt your team morale, communication, and output any further. 

Let Appsurify TestBrain bring your QA automation process back to where it should be – running efficiently and providing immediate returns.


Appsurify plugs right into existing test practices and can be up and running in minutes. After only 3 steps, you too can be enjoying accelerated test results and enhanced team satisfaction all within a few clicks away.

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