What is Appsurify TestBrain? Detailed Overview & Explanation of Features

Jun 7, 2023

Explanation of TestBrain Features

What is Appsurify TestBrain? Read on to discover how TestBrain works – what problems it can help you solve and who uses it, along with a tour of its features, pricing, and integrations.

What is Appsurify TestBrain?

Appsurify TestBrain is a risk based testing tool that enables QA and Developer teams to test faster, find bugs sooner, and accelerate development cycle times. The tool cuts automated test suite execution times by over 90% – accelerating ready results by 10X! With rapid test results ready for the team in 90% less time, team can test more frequently throughout the day, find and correct bugs earlier and faster, and ultimately release faster with higher confidence and achieve a shift left strategy.

Want to bring UI, Integration, or E2E test-suites into the daily CI build? TestBrain can help.

Appsurify TestBrain has been serving software development QA needs for more than two years now. It is based out of Nashville, TN. The Appsurify brand provides a combination of tools, methodologies,  and best practices that allow software development teams to confidently ship quality code faster and with fewer defects. Appsurify’s product suite offers three TestBrain options – Plus and Professional.

Who is TestBrain for?

Appsurify TestBrain helps QA Engineers, Developers, Management, and or anyone part of a software testing practice.

QA and Automation Engineers

TestBrain reduces the number of tests that need to be run freeing up the CI/CD pipeline, reduces execution times by 90% while still catching 99% of bugs, quarantines unstable tests or flaky failures allowing the team to pass builds on time, and provides advanced reporting on where tests failed and why. Multiple examples below.

manual testing


TestBrain provides immediate test feedback upon submission of a recent change or commit which helps to catch and correct bugs earlier in the development process, reduce rework, and help to release quality code faster than ever before with confidence.

automated testing


TestBrain tightens the flow of information between testing and development, lowers the hardware resource cost associated with software testing, accelerates the team’s ability to detect a defect in real-time, reduces developer rework, reduces context switching, ship higher quality product, and fast tracks deployments.

What challenges does Appsurify TestBrain help solve?

Slow Automation Test Completion Time?

  • Accelerate software test results by 10X through Risk Based Testing technology.
  • TestBrain eliminates the need to run the entire test suite after any small change, and instead just runs the relevant tests associated with that small change.
  • Achieve over a 92% reduction in time it takes to execute tests and receive important feedback.
  • Allow teams to test more frequently, find and correct bugs earlier, and reduce cycle times. 
  • Example Below

Finding Bugs Late in the Cycle?

  • 10X Faster test results through Risk Based Testing technology.
  • With rapid feedback from testing, teams SHIFT their bug catching to the LEFT and are able to find defects at the earliest stages of development.
  • Found a bug late in the day or right before a release? Rather than wait around for the full test-suite to complete, TestBrain gets results back immediately so developers can fix the bug on the spot without having to work overtime, into the weekend, or delay deployment.

Flaky Tests?

  • Flaky Tests are scripts that failed for no apparent reason or change to the code, and often account for 10%+ of automation suites. Often seen with Selenium, Appium, Cucumber, etc.
  • TestBrain automatically determines and quarantines flaky failures allowing the team to pass the build on time and with confidence.
  • Example Below.

Introducing Unknown Bugs to Important Code Areas?

  • TestBrain has the ability to pro-actively monitor sensitive areas of the code, and ALERT teams to the probable new introduction of bugs.
  • This allows teams to get the jump on a newly introduced bug before it may be released into production.
  • Example Below.

What’s On the Appsurify TestBrain Roadmap?

In our next major release, Appsurify TestBrain will be able to support SVN repositories, Active Directory, provide better support for 10+ repositories using microservice architecture.

Additionally, Appsurify will be enhancing its User-Portal Experience and releasing additional collateral, such as videos and guides, to help onboard new users into the Appsurify Community.

Appsurify TestBrain Features Overview:

1. Risk Based Test Selection

By only running the important tests instead of the entire test suite, TestBrain can reduce the time it takes to execute tests by over 90%. Or in this case, from 41 minutes down to 3 minutes:

Watch 2-minute demo here.


long test runs


reduce test time

Watch 2-minute demo here.

2. Map to the Bugs

TestBrain helps automated and manual testers focus their testing on the most important areas of the application. With RiskMap, teams gain a visual representation of their application at a moment in time to help pinpoint the introduction of new defects.

prioritized testing

3. Risk Alerts for Risky Changes

Teams can set up pro-active monitoring alerts to the possible introduction of new defects to sensitive areas of the code. For example, think the streaming section of Netflix – no one wants that going down 😉

risk alerts

4. Flaky Test Elimination

TestBrain determines and automatically quarantines, reruns, and passes the test if it’s flaky or fails the test if its a real defect. The time consuming process of managing large unstable automation test suites is eliminated for QA teams, freeing up considerable time and energy.

flaky tests

Appsurify TestBrain Integrations

TestBrain is designed to plug into EXISTING test practices, making them smarter and faster.

It is code language agnostic and supports all automated test frameworks which produce JUnit, XUnit, or XML output i.e., Selenium, Appium, Cucumber, Cypress.io, Serenity, Robot Framework, Espresso, etc. and many many more.

Implementation: Easy 5-Minute Installation either in the Cloud (SaaS) or On-Premises.

Connection: TestBrain needs to connect to the code repository to receive notifications of new commits via a webhook. Read & Write access is required to install the webhook.

Type of Repository: Any Git-based repository (GitHub, BitBucket, Azure DevOps, etc.) Also has integrations with Perforce and Microsoft TFS/TFVC.

CI/CD Tools: Jenkins, Codeship, TeamCity, CircleCI, Travis,…as well as any CI/CD that allows the addition of an executable script to do the API call, which again is essentially all of them.

Types of Tests: Unit, Integration, End-to-End, API, UI Tests, i.e., any automated test that generates JUnit, XUnit, or XML output which again essentially all of them do.

Integration with Jira: YES

Integration with SmartBear: YES

License Types: Free, SaaS, On-Premises

See our FAQ for more.

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Appsurify TestBrain has been designed to plug into existing test practices to help organizations test more frequently, correct bugs earlier, and release faster all within a 10 minute easy implementation whether in Cloud or On-Premises.