Get Notified of High-Risk Code Changes with Risk Alerts

Get Alerted to Risky Commits

TestBrain sends an alert whenever it identifies a high risk commit so you can review it immediately instead of waiting until the end of the sprint. You can also notify the developer to double-check the change, or flag the commit for code review.

Get Notified of Changes to Flagged Code Areas

Critical functionality such as payments or security may need to be checked especially closely if they are ever modified. TestBrain allows you to flag specific code areas, folders, or files and get alerted to any changes.

Build Your Own Alerts

TestBrain allows you to create your own alerts for a variety of conditions that you may want review early.


  • More than X number of code areas changed in a commit.
  • More than X lines of code in a single commit.
  • Changes to code older than X months.
  • First time a developer has changed a code area.
  • Commits made during particular hours of the day or days of the week.
  • Commits made by particular users.

Target Your Alerts

TestBrain gives you the flexibility to customize each alert. Specify who you want the alert sent to and whether to receive the alert immediately or combined into a daily or weekly summary.

Make Your Testing Smarter

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