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Stop Flaky Failures From Breaking Your Builds

TestBrain identifies and quarantines failures caused by flaky tests and open defects. With TestBrain, flaky failures no longer break your builds, frustrate your developers, and waste your time reviewing failure reports.

TestBrain Automatically Identifies Flaky Failures

TestBrain’s machine learning analyzes each test run to separate failures caused by flaky tests from defects caused by the code changes. 

Prevent Your Builds from Breaking

TestBrain quarantines any flaky failures to prevent your builds from breaking. It also prevents test failures from open defects from breaking the build. Developers get a clean signal of whether their commit passes or fails.

Eliminate Developer Frustration

Developers get a clear result from testing: either their commit passes testing or it fails due a bug that needs to be fixed. No more frustration with unreliable automation, no more wasting time hunting for phantom bugs.

Save Time Reviewing
Failure Reports

TestBrain saves you time sorting through xml to find real bugs mixed with the flakes. TestBrain organizes your test results and groups all failures by underlying defect for easy review.

Automate Bug Tracking

TestBrain automates the SDLC by opening and closing defects so you can spend more time building tests instead of wasting hours processing test results. Defect information can optionally be pushed to Jira.

Eliminate Flaky Failures
with TestBrain

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