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Risk-Based Testing

You don’t have time to test everything, but how do you know what to test? TestBrain makes it easy by identifying the changes that have the highest risk of containing a defect so you can prioritize your testing where it will be most useful.

TestBrain’s Risk Calculation

TestBrain analyzes your code history and applies a unique combination of 30 factors to determine the risk of each new change.

RiskMap Shows You Where to Test

TestBrain’s unique RiskMap shows you all the commits during any time period (outer ring) mapped to the functional areas of the code (inner ring). Both the commits and code areas are shaded to highlight the level of risk so you can see at a glance exactly what areas of the code need to be tested. Any area of the code not shown has not been changed and does not need further testing.

Prioritize Your Testing

TestBrain makes it easy to prioritizes the order of tests to find the most bugs in the least amount of time while avoiding wasting time testing all the areas of the code that remain unchanged.

Prioritize Manual Testing 
with TestBrain

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