Smart Test Automation with TestBrain

Get test results to developers
within minutes while saving
time and money.

Run the Right Tests at the Right Time

TestBrain’s machine learning finds and runs the subset of tests from the full test suite needed to validate the specific changes in each commit, making testing 10x faster.

Get Immediate Test Results

As soon as each commit is applied, TestBrain’s smart automation directs the CI/CD to run the relevant tests and get results to developers within minutes. Developers no longer have to wait hours or days for testing and return to fix defects days later.

Save Money with Less Testing

Stop wasting your money testing parts of the code that haven’t changed. TestBrain not only makes automated testing faster, but by reducing the amount of testing, you save on the cost of cloud-based testing and on-premises testing infrastructure.

Join the Testing Elite

Google (regression test selection), Facebook (predictive test selection), Microsoft (test impact analysis) and other elite developers have all implemented similar techniques to make their internal testing fast and efficient. TestBrain brings you the same efficiency gains ready to install in your environment.

Make Your Test Automation
Faster and Smarter

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