Get Test Results in Seconds


TestBrain’s Smart Automation identifies the automated tests needed to check the specific changes in each commit. By running only a small subset of tests, developers get immediate test results without having to wait for a full test run.

Run Only the Useful Tests

TestBrain connects to your repository to map your tests to the code. Then for each new commit, TestBrain finds the targeted set of tests needed to validate the specific changes. Machine learning further refines the set of tests by eliminating tests that have no chance of failing, reducing testing by up to 90%.

Get Immediate Test Results

As each commit is applied, Appsurify automatically connects to your CI/CD to run the relevant tests and get results to developers immediately. Developers no longer have to wait for tests or return to fix defects days later.

Join the Testing Elite

Companies including Google, Facebook, and Microsoft already rely on predictive test selection to release multiple times per day. Now you can take advantage of Appsurify’s TestBrain to make your own testing just as efficient.

Save Money with Less Testing

Stop wasting your money testing parts of the code that haven’t changed. TestBrain not only makes automated testing faster, but by reducing the amount of testing, you save on the cost of cloud-based testing and on-premises testing infrastructure.

Get Test Results in Seconds with TestBrain

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