Overview Guide

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Step 1: Create an Account #

  • Sign up for free trial here
  • Create Account and Confirm Email

Step 2 – Create Project #

Follow steps in ‘Create Project’ workflow for easy setup and configuration.

Link Here

Step 3 – Connect Developer Repository #

Connect your Developer Repository through easy connection options

  1. Git Script

Link Here

Step 4 – Add Script to CI Pipeline #

  1. Access your CI Pipeline (we support most) and enter a short CI Script to push us results so to train your Model by mapping test failures/passings to functional areas of the application.
  2. We’ll need to see about 2-3 weeks work of Test Runs (50 Test Runs) to train your Intelligence Model.
  3. You’ll see the incoming and number of Test Runs in the Summary Page Dashboard.
  4. In the Dashboard, once you’ve hit 50 Test Runs – your ‘Maturity’ wheel will hit 100% and your Model will be Trained and Ready to move to Step 4 – Prioritizing Tests.

Link here

Step 5 – Start Prioritizing Tests! #

  1. Update your CI Pipeline from running “all tests” to “prioritized tests” and enjoy!
  2. Learn which configuration is best for your team in the below link for which parameters to enter.

Link here

Enjoy Risk Based Testing Value!

Now only run the most important tests in small increments for rapid developer feedback and get robust feedback now not later!