Overview Guide

Follow these 4 easy steps to plug TestBrain into your current test practice and see results within minutes! #



Install: Step 1 #

  • Sign up for free trial here


Install: Step 2 – Connect Developer Repository #

Two Options

  • Through GitHub/Bitbucket API.
    • For broken out steps, please go here
  • Connect Repository through SSH
    • For broken out steps, please go here.
  • Any issues, common troubleshooting here


Step 3 – Analyze Meta Data #

Four Options: 

  • Automapping – let TestBrain automatically map tests to functional areas.
    More detail here.
  • Historical Data – let TestBrain analyze the history of the developer repository and learn from prior commits.
    More detail here.
  • Manual Mapping – you can map test scripts to functional areas of code.
    More detail here.
  • New Data Only – TestBrain learns over time in the background via new developer commits.
    • 50 test runs required.

Step 4 – Add a Script to your CI/CD #


Three options:

  • Leverage the TestBrain CI Script Generator in the TestBrain GUI.
    Learn more here.
  • Manually: Create script using provided syntax.
  • For up-to-date versions of CI script via Github, please go here.
  • Special Cases
    • Connecting TestBrain directly to the test framework to execute tests without using the CI, please contact Appsurify support here.

Final Step: Push Data! #


Begin pushing test results.

2 Options through TestBrain GUI.