What is Appsurify TestBrain

Reduce test execution times by 90% through impact based testing. #

Appsurify TestBrain #

A plug and play Machine Learning tool for QA and Developer teams to accelerate existing software testing practices through impact-based testing. Why run the entire test suite after any change, just run the tests that have been affected by recent commits and still catch 99% of changes. Don’t let team members wait for test results any longer, get important feedback to them in real-time during the workday for increased output and goto market timing. Just run the tests where the changes were made!

What TestBrain means for your team: #

  • Reduce Automated Test execution times by over 90%.

  • Focused Manual testing through Risk-Map.

  • Optimize active CI/CD pipelines for faster build times.

  • Quarantine and Isolate Flaky Failures so to pass builds on time.

  • Reduce Local and Cloud resource utilization rates by only running a fraction of the test-suite.

  • Get test feedback into the hands of developers after any change for increased output.

  • Group test failures by defect!

  • Accelerate Release Schedules

  • Increase GoTo Market Timing

  • Increase QA and Developer job satisfaction

Optimize existing software testing practices through intelligence for faster goto market timing and increased job satisfaction. 

Built by testers, for testers.