What is Appsurify TestBrain

Reduce test execution times by 90% through risk based testing: #

Appsurify TestBrain #

A plug and play AI Risk Based Testing tool for QA and Developer teams to optimize QA and CI Pipeline workflows.

Why run the entire test suite after any change, just run the tests that have been affected by recent commits and still catch 99% of changes.

Don’t let team members wait for test results any longer, get important feedback to them in real-time during the workday for increased output and goto market timing.

Just run the tests where the changes were made!

When you sign up, it’s easy setup and configuration through our UI:

appsurify summary page

Welcome to Appsurify TestBrain, how may we help you save time with automation testing?

Value in Time and Resources with Risk-Based Testing: #

prioritize my tests

Wow – that’s a big drop in the length of my automation test runs!

What TestBrain’s risk based testing means for your team: #

Increase AI Model Performance

  • Focused Manual testing through Risk-Map.

  • Optimize active CI/CD pipelines for faster build times.

  • Quarantine and Isolate Flaky Failures so to pass builds on time.

  • Reduce Local and Cloud resource utilization rates by only running a fraction of the test-suite.

  • Get test feedback into the hands of developers after any change for increased output.

  • Group test failures by defect!

  • Accelerate Release Schedules

  • Increase GoTo Market Timing

  • Increase QA and Developer job satisfaction

Optimize existing software testing practices through intelligence for faster goto market timing and increased job satisfaction.

Built by testers, for testers.