Step 4: Add Script to CI/CD

Connect Developer Repository #

Option 1: Github and Bitbucket #

  • Go to your profile by clicking on the Your Profile button:
  • Press the Github or Bitbucket button to connect the repository.
  • Grant access to the correct organizations and repositories.
  • During the repository setup, your connected Github or Bitbucket accounts will be displayed.
  • Press the down button to view all repositories. You may also search by using the search bar above.
  • To connect the repositories, press the ‘bind button’ (highlighted in red above) next to the repository name that you would like to connect.
  • Click ‘yes’ to confirm.
  • Appsurify TestBrain binds to the repository.

    • Loading bars are shown until confirmation is received that the webhook has been installed correctly.

    • This may take up to 30 seconds.

Option 2: Connecting a Repository – SSH #

  • Copy in SSH Url and drop your private key on the modal box.

  • Press the bind button and select yes.

  • Go to the project configuration page.

  • Copy the Hook URL, and create a Webhook in the repository to notify TestBrain of any push events.